2020 Guide on Free Ways to Gain More Traffic to your Website

Jul 23, 2020 | SEO

There are a variety of FREE ways in which you can start generating traffic to your website. Getting started with a Google My Business account is the most important which is why we listed it first! Also, providing links to valuable sources on your website on your social media is just as easy. Lastly, creating blog articles and getting listed in online directories require more time investment but are worth it in the long run.

Here are quick links to each method:


Google My Business

If you haven’t already, signing up for a Google My Business page is super easy and completely free. Additionally, it generates a large amount of traffic to your website. Once you’ve signed up and completed your business profile, your business will appear in what looks like an infobox when you directly search your business name in the local area. From there, there are quick links to your business’s phone, website, and directions (if your business has a physical address). This makes it easy for people to quickly find more information and view your website.

The Google My Business infobox is also visually appealing with photos, reviews, and all the vital information people look for when searching for a business. Even on mobile devices you’ll find all this information. What’s more important is if people are searching for businesses on Google maps, yours could appear if it falls in the same search category. For example, if someone were to search “restaurants” on Google Maps, it will list the businesses with a Google My Business profile that fall under the category “restaurants”. Some people will want to check out the menu or call for reservations resulting in a click to their website. For a free service, this is an excellent website traffic generator.

Visit our guide on how to get access to your Google My Business page.


Linking to your website from Facebook & Other Social Profiles

Occasionally, you should be linking to your website from your Facebook posts. This could be a link to one of your services, contact, or article pages. Especially if you have a large following, linking to your website will generate a lot of traffic. All you have to do is go to a page on your website that you’d like people to visit, copy the page URL, and paste it into your Facebook post. Facebook will automatically provide a photo with a clickable link to the page. Try for yourself the next time you’re creating a post for your page! If people click on the link, you’ll see the number of engagements go up. You can follow the same concept for your Twitter posts.

As for Instagram, make sure you’re using a professional profile so you have access to include your business address and contact information. If you don’t have a professional profile, go to your Instagram page and select “edit profile”. In the profile settings, click on “switch to a professional account”. Now that you have a professional profile, add your website link so people can navigate to your website. In addition to the website link, you can also share links to your website by adding to your story (keep in mind that you have to have either 10,000 followers or a verified account. Follow these instructions for more information).



Although more time consuming, creating blog articles related to your business can generate traffic to your website. With the right content, people will read articles on your website and if you’re lucky, share the blog article to a social profile of theirs. Moreover, blog articles act as a landing page. This means when someone is searching something specific on google (ex. how to get traffic to your website), they may come across the link to your article! After reading your article, they may check out other pages on your website. What’s also important to note is that the best articles are topics based around your business. You want to come across knowledgeable in your field of expertise therefore you shouldn’t be blogging random topics just to get website traffic. Keep it relevant and you’ll become a trusted and reliable source for the reader.

If you’d like help setting up a blog for your website, send us a message!

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Online Directories

Online directories are an excellent source to gain website traffic. Infomall, Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce, Yellow Pages, and Yelp are all examples of online directories. In summary, online directories contain information about your business and typically provide a link to your website, also known as a backlink. With more links to your website to be discovered, the more likely you’ll be receiving more traffic. However, the best online directories you should be listed in are from trusted sources and if possible, related to your business. You can read more about backlinks in our SEO article here.

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