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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is about optimizing your site for a higher search engine ranking organically (not paid advertising), and gaining online visibility. This involves creating quality content that attracts potential customers and improving technical aspects of your website such as site speed. We’re about developing content that gets you results and increases your ranking in Google. You can start gaining more web traffic by getting in touch with one of our SEO experts today!

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Beat your Competition Online with SEO

Gain More Website Clicks

95% of visitors will see your website if it’s on the first page of search engine results.

Target the right audience

With our SEO tools, we’re able to determine search terms people use to find your business online.


Keyword Research - Getting you REAL results

We do our research. Gathering the right keywords people search online will get you results.

Get noticed

Do you show up on google?

As of 2021, over 90% of canadian users use Google as their search engine. To ensure your business can be found online, we make sure your website can be found on Google. With that, aiming to have your website appear on the first page of Google search results. Our SEO services help you gain more attention for your business by determining the best keywords to rank higher in. Also, claiming or creating a Google My Business page to get access to online reviews, and more!

Optimized for SEO

We Identify the Best Key Terms for SEO

Our SEO tools help identify the best keywords people use to find businesses like yours. Better yet, determining keywords you can outrank your competition in. To explain, we find out search terms people type into their search bar and use that to figure out the best keywords your website can rank in. To make the right connections, we want to understand the most common key terms relating to your business so your business can succeed online.

SEO for your small or large business

What Local SEO means for a Business

Local SEO for your business is about getting noticed in a smaller, localized area. If you’re a local business, you’re not trying to target the entire web. At AB Web, we optimize your website so that people in your local area can see your website on their search results. As a result, anyone searching for services related to your business can find your website.

Getting people to walk off the street into your business is a task of its own. When you have your website online, that’s one more place people can find you. Get noticed with AB Web.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to methods of organically raising your ranking in search engines without the use of paid ads. Instead of paying for Google Adwords, you can achieve a high search engine ranking through SEO. Over time, this results in lower costs in paid advertising and increased online visibility.

Why does a small business need SEO?

SEO for a small business can raise your ranking in Google local search. What this means is that if you have a physical location, your business can appear under map search results for its services in a local area. These results receive more clicks and a chance for people to visit your store.

Does SEO really matter?

Nearly 90% of website traffic is on the first page of Google. Therefore, if your website is on the second page or higher, you’re missing out on an opportunity to drive website traffic. SEO can help you gain online visibility in your businesses services by increasing your search engine ranking.

What AB Web can do for your SEO

Gain a Social Media Presence

Social Media connects you to your audience and can help drive website traffic. Ask us about our pricing for monthly posts to your social media profiles.

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Quality Content for Better SEO

Writing quality content for your website is good for SEO. If you don’t have the time to write for your website, we can help.

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Let AB Web help you be successful at home!

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