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Professional Email Management

Start Saving More with Online Collaboration

Your business can start saving more with professional email management services by never having to save a file, spending less time on repetitive tasks, and more. Select from Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to get access to online collaboration tools and more secure email servers.

Emails at your Domain

Look professional by having an email at your domain (ex. support@mybusiness.ca).

Online Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer excellent tools that allow you and your coworkers to collaborate online.


Protect your Information

Protect your business information with a professional email management service such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.


Google Workspace

Google Workspace makes it easier to share documents, manage emails, plus more. By choosing Google Workspace, all your files are stored on protected Google servers and are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Google Workspace email management
Microsoft 365 - email management


Microsoft 365

Now with collaboration available, you can start using the familiar apps from Microsoft online without having to worry about overwriting files. Get access to Teams and more with a subscription from Microsoft 365.

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