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Managing your business phonecalls

Work Calls are Less Work with Google Voice

With Google Voice, your work calls are easier to manage. From your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, you can send and receive calls within Canada, all for free with a Google Voice license.

Easy to Manage like Google Workspace

Like the rest of Google Workspace, these admin settings are easy to manage and set up.

Speech to Text Voicemails

Voicemails are sent to your inbox in a text and voice recording format. 

Google Calendar Integration

Manage your office hours in calendar so you only receive calls when you’re available.

Go Google with Work Calls

What you can Expect with Google Voice

The experience in Voice is the same across the web, mobile clients, and other Google Workspace apps. Some of features include:

  • Accept and send calls within the app whether it be on desktop or mobile
  • Unlimited calls within Canada
  • Reading voicemails in your email inbox
  • Filter spam calls, and block unwanted callers
  • Forward calls to up to 6 phone numbers

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Google Voice admin screen

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Choose Gmail as your email provider with Google Workspace. Get the most secure and fastest email hosting available.

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Online Collaboration with Google Workspace

Google Voice is included in Google Workspace as an add-on. Get started with Google Workspace so get access to all the collaborative apps.

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Business training for Google Workspace Users

AB Web offers training courses for businesses getting started with Google Workspace. Online materials and in-person training available.

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