AB Web is your Certified Google Partner

What does G Suite Include?

The G Suite like other online management programs, includes applications that allow users to access information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. But unlike the competitors, Google G Suite is known for affordability, performance, and reliability. 

Powerful Apps

G Suite provides powerful tools that are more than just email.


Increase Collaboration

Collaborating apps that can be used for a variety of business needs.

Your Google Partner

Abweb is your google partner, connecting you to better support and information.

More than you thought

Google G Suite offer Powerful Tools For Your Business

G Suite isn’t just about email. You’ll get access to a wide array of tools such as:

  • Powerful calendar solutions
  • Shared documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Video-conferencing
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • And more

Working Well Together

Increased Work Collaboration

G Suite is about making the most efficient workplace. For example, Google Drive (included in G Suite) allows you to store documents, photos, excel sheets, and more. Thus creating one place where your employees can access that information. Anything shared through the G Suite apps is completely secure. It’s also super easy to create limited access to just about anything. There’s so much included with G Suite to increase collaboration for your business that we’re excited to share. You can learn more about each app by talking to one of our representatives.

Fully qualified and accredited

Your Google Partner

ABWeb is proud to be one of the few Google Partners in Alberta. As a Google Partner we are able to offer our clients access to a broad range of Google web tools. Also, better support services through our direct relationship with Google.

Google G Suite & More Online Solutions

Google G Suite includes Email Services

Choose Gmail as your email provider from Google G Suite. Get the most secure and fastest email hosting available.

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Expand your business online with a website

Start reaching out to your customers online with a website design. Staying connected creates a trust between you and your audience

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Pair your website with one of our SEO packages. Start with basic or advanced depending on your type of business.

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