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What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce refers to selling any product or service online. A website that allows people to make a purchase online is using ecommerce and is typically done with an online store. You can start making more money for your business easily by promoting your goods and services online. Ecommerce is a growing market and for a good reason. It makes it easier for people to purchase products without leaving the comfort of their home. In fact, in the year 2019, e-commerce retail trade sales amounted to almost 1.85 billion Canadian dollars, with approximately 28.1 million Canadians having made purchases online.

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Sell your Products & Services Online

Showcase your products and services easily with an online store. Manage orders, discounts, stock, and more!

Generate Revenue for your Business

Generate more revenue for your business by making it easier than ever for your customers to order your products and services.

Expand your Business

By using ecommerce you’re able to expand your business online.

The Benefits

Why have Ecommerce?

  • Customers can browse/purchase at any time and day
  • Sell directly to your customers
  • Passive income for your business
  • Accept more payment types
  • Payouts on your schedule
  • Paperless and contact-free
  • Proven to save you money in the long term
  • Unlimited floor space. Easily expandable inventory
  • Gain new insight data by seeing what products sell
  • Become a dominant business in your industry.
  • Gain more business by allowing customers to browse your products online
  • New customers (not just local walk-ins, sell nation or worldwide)
  • Integrated social marketing with an online store
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How to become more competitive in your industry

Start Selling your Products Locally, Nationally and/or Worldwide

Offer in-store pickup, Canada-wide shipping and local delivery service. You also have the option to limit shipping to certain provinces. Having an online store means people are able to browse and purchase your products 24/7. Which, for your business, is a huge benefit! Even after business hours, you’re able to still sell your products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can ecommerce help small business owners?

Ecommerce can help small businesses attract a larger customer base and be able to connect with their audience more effectively. Additionally, ecommerce makes it easier to understand what your customers buy and apply that knowledge to increase sales. More importantly, save on operating costs. Ecommerce has allowed small businesses to spend less money on advertising by moving towards online advertising (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.).

Is it profitable to start an online store in a small town or city?

Yes, it is profitable to start an online business in a small town or city. In fact, 25% of all Canadian businesses with 5+ employees had some online sales. With the trend of ecommerce increasing, local businesses will benefit greatly from having an online store. The important factor is being connected to your customers and having ecommerce makes it easier than ever.

How long does it take to build an ecommerce website?

The time it takes to build an ecommerce website depends on the number of products, varieties, product images, descriptions, shipping availability, and more. We go through the process together and offer in-depth training so you’re not left in the dark. You can get a quote for an ecommerce website by contacting us today!

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