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Microsoft 365 works across multiple devices plus the ability to collaborate with your coworkers. This makes working on the go easier than ever. With a Business Standard license, you’ll receive all the desktop apps and web versions including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Full Remote Work & Collaboration Tools

Access Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in any browser and start collaborating with your coworkers in the same document.

Connect with Coworkers with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy for you and your team to access files, communicate effectively, and collaborate all in one place. Hold online meetings and more with Teams.

Cloud Storage with OneDrive

From any device, you’re able to access all your work files from OneDrive. Control who has access to files by limiting sharing options and more to keep your information secure.

Microsoft Teams

Keeping you and your team Connected

Microsoft Teams allows you to meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place. Access and share files easily and securely. With the desktop and mobile app available, you can connect with your team much easier without having to jump around. Additionally, Teams has the ability to create multiple channels so you can keep your projects organized. With a few simple clicks, connect with your team by holding an online meeting with up to 300 participants.

Remote Work Made Easy

Online Collaboration with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Desktop Apps

What makes Microsoft 365 great is the ability to collaborate with your team even in the desktop version of the apps (business standard license only). This means you have access to all the app features you are familiar with that you don’t see in the web versions. Altogether, whether you’re working from home or on the road, your work is available from any device.

Why your business should be on the cloud

How You Can Save More with Microsoft 365

  • Spending less time travelling with secure online meetings.
  • IT Setup and Management makes it easy to set up, manage and deploy. This means less maintenance costs.
  • Less files/information lost.
  • Easily find files with OneDrive. No more scavenging for files on different devices. All of it is one place.
  • Worry less about security breaches

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