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Why you should be using Google Workspace

Aug 26, 2019 | Google Workspace

First off: What’s Google Google Workspace?

In simple terms, Google Workspace contains online collaboration tools for businesses. Like Microsoft programs that most of us are familiar with, Google Workspace offers similar tools. For example, we all know Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Google Workspace contains programs similar to Microsoft Office. The difference is they’re stored online and can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Additionally, they’re based on real-time collaboration. What this means is every document, presentation or spreadsheet you create can be edited by multiple people in real-time and never saved to a computer. Instead, your files are saved to “My Drive” which is a cloud-based storage system provided by Google Workspace. No more transferring files from computer to computer. Everything is in one place for you to access.

But there’s more. Google Workspace isn’t limited to creating documents or presentations. You have access to many collaborating options you can use to your advantage. Also, everything created is under one account meaning your business owns everything. We’ll discuss that a bit later on. For now, read below to see what each tool Google Workspace provides.

What does Google Workspace include?

There is a lot Google Workspace includes but we’ll describe the most popular programs.

Google Docs – Never Lose a Document

Google Docs is a word processor like Microsoft Word. You create, share and edit documents without having to manually save. Also, reverting back to an older version is done by accessing the version history.

Another feature is the ability to have more than one person working in the same document at the same time. Instead of saving a document, emailing it to your coworker, then receiving it back, all the changes are done in one document. You and your employees can easily collaborate together with this cool feature.


Gmail – #1 Email Client

If you’re already using the free version of Gmail, there won’t be many changes if you were to use Google Workspace. In fact, the user interface wouldn’t change at all. The only changes you would see is your business logo in the upper right-hand corner and no ads. Also, your email would contain your domain (example: joe@mysmallbusiness.ca instead of joe@gmail.com).

For those who have never used Gmail, it’s the most used email client in the world with over 1 billion users! It’s also the fastest and most secure; managing your spam emails better.


Slides – Create a Presentation

If you’re used to PowerPoint, you’ll have no problem using slides from Google Workspace. With a variety of templates to choose from, you can start collaborating to build the perfect presentation. When you don’t see a template you like, you can import a custom one. The template library is endless.

Again, you can have multiple co-workers collaborating within the same slide document at the same time. This limits the amount of time you are spending on a presentation to get you working on something else. Also, don’t forget you don’t have to save. Your slide presentation is always available online and can be accessed anywhere.


Sheets – Catching up to Excel

Get similar functionality in Google Sheets as you would in Excel. If you’re making huge, complicated spreadsheets, you should stick to Excel. However, don’t be mistaken. Google Sheets online sharing capabilities is far more superior. Not to mention, Google is on its way to developing capabilities equal to Excel. Sooner or later, Sheets will be the ultimate alternative.

Moreover, you’re able to share your spreadsheet for editing or viewing access. This goes for Docs and Slides as well. Also, Google Sheets is free with a basic Google account. Relating to Google Workspace, your spreadsheets are kept safe because they are owned by your business.


Drive – Online Cloud Storage

Google Drive is the online storage system of your files. Therefore, any document, slide, or spreadsheet you make is stored here. What makes it even better is anything created within Google Workspace takes up zero space. You can have over a thousand Google Docs and it’ll take up no space on your Drive. Depending on your Google Workspace account, each user gets up to 30 GB of storage space. So the only time and space is being used is when non-native files (anything but Google Workspace files) are uploaded to the drive.

The drive also has very powerful searching capabilities. When you search within your drive it doesn’t just search the titles. Instead, it searches within the content of your files. In connection, it’ll be super easy to find files either created by you or someone else, even if they did forget a title.


Hangouts – Chat and Video Calling

Google Hangouts is a simple alternative to Skype. Chat with your coworkers independently or in a group chat. You are also able to voice or video call multiple people at a time. No matter how far away you are, you’re able to stay in touch with your employees.

Another handy feature of Google Hangouts is that you are able to screen share. Even if you have more than one screen, people who are a part of the conversation have access to see what you see. This is great when you’re trying to explain something that requires an extra set of eyes. Also, easier to explain than over the phone.


Calendar – Get Organized

One of the best features of Google Calendars is the ability to share calendars. Plus, with this feature you are able to share your calendar with your employees so that everyone is on track. Additionally, you can create multiple calendars to keep your personal and work life separate.



The admin section is only available to Google Workspace users. From here, you manage your user accounts. Anyone who leaves your business doesn’t take the email with them. Simply change the password in the admin and hand it off to the new employee.

Something else you can do with admin access is create email aliases. For example, if you have one person who works in two departments, they can receive emails from admin@yourbusiness.com and support@yourbusiness.com. All emails will go to one inbox.

One thing to mention is that not everyone gets admin access. At first, there is one admin user and if they wish to grant another person admin access, they can do so.

So why is Google Workspace important for my business?

You’re probably wondering why would you need Google Workspace if a basic Gmail account offers the majority of the apps described. We’ll explain why:

A Professional Appearance

Believe it or not, a professional appearance online is vital for your business. Using Google Workspace, you keep your business looking professional with an email registered under your domain. This looks something like joe@mysmallbusiness.com instead of joe@gmail.com. People are more likely to take your business seriously if your domain appears in your email.

Everything is kept and saved in one place

Google Workspace keeps everything in one place and doesn’t go anywhere. This saves time filing or keeping track of files. This is also perfect for businesses in different locations. Your employees would only have to sign in to their Google Workspace account to access files.

Also, because the apps work in sync with each other, Google Workspace makes it the perfect work environment.

You have control over your accounts

You own all email accounts and information. Therefore, anyone who leaves your company doesn’t take their email account with them. In some cases, you can delete all account information from their device if they’re signed in. This is important for your business because your information is protected.

How AB Web uses Google Workspace

At AB Web we use Google Workspace every day. With some of our employees across the country, working within the apps is super handy for us. We also take advantage of Google Hangouts to stay in touch. More importantly, we’re a Google Partner to stay up to date with all things Google.

If you’re interested in getting Google Workspace for your business, check out our Google Workspace Services or give us a call at 780-826-8534.

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