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Gain more Visitors to your Website with one of our SEO Packages

If you’re looking at getting on the top results of search engines, our SEO packages can help you. Depending on your website, you may want to rank higher on multiple key terms. To explain, key terms are what people type in their search bar to find businesses. For example, if your business offers a variety services, you’re going to have multiple keyterms to reach your audience. As included in our advanced SEO package, you can rank for up to 10 keyterms.

Basic SEO

Designed for small businesses. Increase your ranking in a local area.

Advanced SEO

Reach more people with our advanced SEO package. Built for up to 10 page websites.


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Perfect for small businesses

Our Basic SEO Package

Get the most out of our basic SEO package. We optimize your website to rank higher in 5 key terms or less. Not only that, but we aslo include up to 5 locations (within region). Content written for SEO is a major key to ranking higher in search engine results. That’s why we offer content editing and creation in our basic SEO package (up to 5 pages). Other than that, we handle all the technical stuff to help you gain higher positions in google.

Expand your search engine results

Our Advanced SEO Package

Our advanced SEO package includes everything you need for up to a 10-page website. All of the pages created for your website are fully optimized to rank you higher in up to 10 key terms. We also research the best key terms for you. High search volume key terms allow you to reach more people. Moreover, every page on your website is fully optimized for SEO. This means we take extra care not only the homepage of your website but all other pages as well. To prove if the hard work has paid off, you receive statistics of how much your website has gained rankings for each key term. Get your website ranked higher with our advanced SEO package.

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Getting You to the Top of Search Results

Still not convinced about our SEO packages? We explain more on what SEO can do for your business awareness.

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What SEO means in a Local Area

Local SEO is about getting attention to your business in an area, This could be for Bonnyville, Cold Lake or Lakeland area.

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A Well Designed Website Helps with SEO

Structure and design play an important role to your website’s SEO. AB Web can design you a website to attract more attention.

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