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What is Local Search Optimisation (LSO)

Search Engine Optimization for certain geographic areas is also known as Local Search Optimisation (LSO).


How we can help

Many of our clients do not wish to compete on a global scale. Therefore their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, should not be on a global scale. That’s why we provide Local Search Optimisation to the campaign to the geographic areas that will result in the most relevant traffic with the highest potential impact.


Local Results are the best

There are many online tools today that help people locate products and services near their current location. If your customers and potential customers are in a certain geographic area, let us tailor your online presence to that geographic area. This means tailoring your search results to the areas surrounding where your office(s) or plants are located. Call us at 780-826-8534 to see how we can help you compete more strongly in your local market.

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